Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the game not available on iOS6?

Sadly, older devices do not allow Super Boost Monkey to run (or fly!) fast enough, so we are unable to support it.

My game has stopped working. What do I do?

Force close the Super Boost Monkey and relaunch it. For instructions on how to force close an app on iOS, click here.

If you are still having issues, turn your device off and back on, and then launch Super Boost Monkey again. Click here for instructions on how to restart your iOS device.

How do I fly faster?

Picking up more bananas will make you fly faster. You can also unlock a speed boost to use for a faster start!

How can I get more environments and power-ups?

You need to complete missions in order to unlock new environments and power-ups.

How can I get more acrobatic tricks?

You need to complete missions in order to unlock all acrobatic tricks.

Help! I am stuck on mission XYZ. How can I skip it?

At this time, missions cannot be skipped. We are looking into ways to help players who are stuck, in the meantime, don't give up!

Why does the Facebook login button not work?

This most likely means that you pressed "Don't allow" when prompted about Facebook the first time. Go to your device settings and open Facebook settings. Under "Allow these apps to use your account", change the entry for Super Boost Monkey to the ON position.

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