Soccer Rebel

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the game not available on my device?

Sadly, we only support iOS 9 and above, and Soccer Rebel is not available on any other platforms like Google Play.

My game has stopped working. What do I do?

Force close the Soccer Rebel app and relaunch it. For instructions on how to force close an app on iOS, click here.

If you are still having issues, turn your device off and back on, and then launch OK Golf again. Click here for instructions on how to restart your iOS device.

Why can't I play all the levels from the start?

You need to score a goal in the preceeding level to unlock the next locked level! Once you've unlocked it you can start from that level or any other level before it if you want.

I bought some characters with real money and deleted my app. When I downloaded the app again I didn't have my bought characters. How do I get them back?

You can get back any characters you've previously bought by going into the options screen ( top left of main screen ) and selecting restore purchases. This should unlock all characters you've bought only.

How do you unlock characters? And what are the packs?

Collect coins in the game to unlock a character, turning it from a card to a playable character. Then when all characters have been unlocked you can open a card pack, which gives you new cards to unlock characters from.

There are only 8 levels. This game is too short!

We know! But we're going to be adding more levels in the future.

How do I remove ads?

Buy Sir No Ads, or the All characters pack ( which includes him ).

Are the characters in packs random?

No. We do not approve of loot box or gacha gameplay of any kind. A pack will always include the same characters.


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