Playtonic Friends publishing A Little Golf Journey

Playtonic Friends publishing A Little Golf Journey

We can officially announce that our next game, A Little Golf Journey, will be published by Playtonic Friends later this year on both Steam and Nintendo Switch.

A Little Golf Journey actually started out as a high-definition port of OK Golf. It was only through playing it again and again after so long that we decided to make something a bit different that became its own thing.

We had received a lot of feedback that OK Golf was a very difficult game, which appeals to some people, but frustrates many others who just want to simply play a relaxing golf game. This was especially a problem in a game with such a relaxing art style. So we changed the control system and in turn expanded upon all of our levels, adding new ones and removing others that didn't work anymore. Now you can play at your own skill level and breeze through the game if you want or go for 100% if you really relish the challenge!

The other big change was adding the world map and challenges to discover. This really encourages players to explore and find all the secrets in a way that OK Golf never did. A Little Golf Journey can be a very big game if you want it to be, or a small bit of fun.

I hope to post here more regularly from now on, and give a bit of insight into how we make the game so stay tuned!

In the meantime, go check out A Little Golf Journey here!


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