A Pictominoes thank-you

It's been a busy few months since we released Pictominoes, but we've already hit a few thresholds.

We have over 550 puzzles already, over 25,000 people have played the game across all platforms, and we're currently looking at a healthy 4.7 out of 5 rating.

This may be a small puzzle game, but we just wanted to thank our fans for all the great reviews they've written about it since its release. This is especially important for its creator Nicholaos who worked hard to make this in his spare time, fixing all the bugs and doing his best to perfect it.

He tries to read every single review, both good and bad, and each good review is like a moment of joy for him, as cheesy as that sounds! But in these crazy times it's good to have something motivational like that to inspire you to keep going.

As a token of his, and our appreciation, we've added a new feature that solves a problem a few of you regular players have trouble with - what to do when you've completed all the puzzles! It's obvious that we struggle to add new puzzles faster than you finish them, so we've added an endless mode, which pulls puzzles from the internet for as long as you have an internet connection and our source of images is up and running. These puzzles won't necessarily be up to the same quality level as puzzle packs, due to it all being generated using our algorithm, but rest assured, we'll still continue to add new puzzle packs over time so you'll be able to choose how you play.

To play them, just tab the Endless Puzzles button to the right of the Daily Discovery and enjoy!

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Charles - Okidokico

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(EDIT - I've updated the post to say that the Endless Mode is now in the game!)

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