Frequently Asked Questions

The game is upside down when I start and/or clicking on a course freezes the game with a white background and glitchy graphics.

This is a known issue on some phones that can usually be fixed by restarting the app with the phone in landscape. Our next version will support auto rotate and portrait orientation and will fix this issue permanently.

The game crashes when completing a Championship or Timed Mode round.

This is a known issue on some phones that happens when you are not signed in to GameCenter. Our next version will fix this issue, but in the meantime, you can resolve it by signing in to GameCenter before launching the game. Click here for instruction on how to sign in.

The cancel tutorial remains on screen whenever I aim the ball.

This can be removed by cancelling your aim once. In the next version the tutorial will only ever show once and not persist.

Why is the game not available on iOS6?

Sadly, older devices do not allow OK Golf to run fast enough, so we are unable to support it.

My game has stopped working. What do I do?

Force close the OK Golf app and relaunch it. For instructions on how to force close an app on iOS, click here.

If you are still having issues, turn your device off and back on, and then launch OK Golf again. Click here for instructions on how to restart your iOS device.

Why can't I play all the courses from the start?

You need to collect stars by playing other courses. Collect enough stars and a new course will unlock!

I swiped left on the course screen and ??? is displayed but there isn't an area to select. What's going on?

Find a secret hole somewhere in the normal holes for that course and if you shoot the ball into it you'll unlock a secret area!

Every other golf game I play has a wind mechanic and/or a swing strength slider. Yours doesn't. Why?

We chose to do something different and weren't satisfied with the existing selection of golf games. However, when you aim a power shot wait long enough for the camera shake to steady and you'll be able to pull off a more precise shot.

There are only 4 courses. This game is too short!

We know! But we're going to be adding more courses in the future, and if you've bought the game you'll get them all for free. OK Golf won't have any paid DLC or advertising.

Where are all the secret holes?

They're not always in places you'd expect...


Here it is!

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