A Little Golf Journey


Frequently Asked Questions

When will the game be available?

You'll be able to play it in summer 2021.

What stores will you release it on?

We'd love to release on every store in the world! But right now we're undecided and tackling one at a time, starting with Steam

Will you come to console?

That would be amazing. Please buy lots of copies of our game so we can convince them to sell our game!

Is this just OK Golf but at a higher price?

Originally we conceived of this as a premium port of OK Golf for PC. Then we decided to try something a little different, and turned it into an adventure. Blame lockdown and us spending too much time locked inside.

So it's just OK Golf with adventure mode then?

No no no no... We've improved the graphics in a way that the mobile version could never have handled. We've added all kinds of effects with complicated technical terms I don't even remember the names for, and have full mouse and controller support too. And we've gone through every level and made the game a lot more balanced and "fun".

Every other golf game I play has a wind mechanic and/or a swing strength slider. Yours doesn't. Why?

We chose to do something different and weren't satisfied with the existing selection of golf games. However, you can just press a button to focus your aim and get that perfect shot, if it's reachable.

There aren't enough courses. This game is too short!

I remember you! You asked the same question for the mobile version when we only had 4 courses. We can't please everyone, I guess...

Why are there holes outside of the course?

These are secret holes. If you find one putting the ball in it might lead somewhere interesting...

Where are all the secret holes?

They're not always in places you'd expect...


Here it is!

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