A Little Golf Journey is a relaxing adventure golf game played on beautiful diorama courses across a variety of locations.

Unlock secrets, discover treasure and take on challenges.

Original soundtrack composed by Haakon Davidsen

Your journey awaits.


A Little Golf Journey is published by Playtonic Friends and is available on Steam and gog for PC, and on Nintendo Switch - join us on Twitter or Discord to stay up to date!

Playtonic Friends Twitter: @PTonicFriends

Okidokico Twitter: @Okidokico

Okidokico Discord


Embark on a relaxing adventure

Golf in over 100 beautiful dioramas

Unwind with a soothing soundtrack

Unravel the mystery

Discover secret holes, off-path mysteries and collectables

Follow the trail of the mysterious X

No caddie required

Play with simple, approachable controls

Choose your own difficulty with shot assist mode

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